Song of the week

Hey guys ❤

So, I haven’t had much time to write because I’ve been reviewing for an EOC, but I just heard a song that is kind of like Lost Boy, so if you enjoyed that song, I think you’ll have a really good chance of liking it!

It’s by Grace VanderWaal, and it’s called “So Much More Than This”. She has a great voice and I love her as a person!

What are your thoughts on Grace VanderWaal, and how do you like her song??? Be sure to tell me or comment! Please go listen. Love you guys.


NEW BOOK (introduction) 📖

Hey flowers💕

So on my website, I previously had a book called “Torn Apart”. I have since decided to discontinue that book and come out with a new one. 👍🏻 This one will be called “believing”. I will have the summary out soon!

I’ll have a new chapter catalogue, but I’m not releasing the full book, for copyright issues. If you enjoy reading it, I’ll soon be working on possible publication and you can order it later on!

Thanks & have a wonderful day lovelies!❤️

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Song Of The Week

Hey flowers ❤

So today’s post has been inspired by several blogs (I would link and give credit, but they’re private now). The Song of the Week was a really cool thing I saw before, where you share a good song every week. I’ll explain why you should choose this song, so you can confirm if you want to listen to it or not. I personally have a taste for pop songs, the ones you would find on the radio for top hits, but I also like going for oldies from the 2010 era.

So I’ve decided this week’s Song (and yes, I’m aware, this week is almost over, but I’ll count this as for next week) is Lost Boy, by Ruth B. It’s really a sweet fairytale song, and it’s about how Peter Pan takes her to Neverland and finds a loving family and people who care about her.

It has a really melodic tune and I really like listening to it. There’s not an extreme deepness to it, but it’s a sweet song and you could listen to it as you fall asleep. The vocal cords are lilting and high-pitched, and it’s a really beautifully crafted song with your imagination to it. Maybe I’m over-exaggerating to those of you who have heard this song before, but I’m trying to describe it the best I can while showing that this song is really good.

I hope y’all will listen to it, and stay tuned for posts to come!

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Hey lovely people!

So, it’s pretty obvious that I haven’t been on here in a LONG time. However, after some thinking & praying & time off, I’ve decided that I definitely want to continue this website. 🙂 I’ve had so much precious time to think up some really amazing ideas, and hopefully, I’ll be able to share them with y’all.

I’ve also decided to change up this website theme. Instead of just updating like every other month with either a chapter of a book or a really random post about images, I’m going to start adding things like life updates & inspirational, uplifting posts filled with Jesus 🙂

I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT WAIT, this is gonna be so much fun! Thank y’all for reading, and I hope you will join me on my journey to redeveloping an amazing website. ❤

LOVE – goldenerabooks


Due to lack of posting, here is an EXCLUSIVE reward for you loyal followers! These are the …. special DIARY entries! Read into Sylvia’s, Esmeralda’s, Colleen’s, Terra’s, and Jessie’s diaries and look into their thoughts as they open up into their ghostly diaries–yes, ghosts can keep diaries, too! 🙂

Forgive the font, but it was because I was typing this on my computer and I selected the weirdest fonts I could for unique diary/handwriting stuff.

EXCERPT FROM ESMERALDA’S DIARY: New blood, ah new blood. Trust me, I’m not a vampire. But you’re close. I’m a zombie! Nah, just kidding. All I am is a transparent girl stuck forever in this horrible, unpleasing form. Sorry if I scared you there. After all, ghosts are better than zombies, or vampires. But when a pretty girl moves into your old house … you’ve gotta take revenge. You’ve gotta feel bitter—I mean, come on. Pretty. WB is Sylvia, most popular girl in school. And she’s got it all, a perfect life, probably. Except for the GGCA part. Well, whatever. You’ve got to have your fun with her. So what if I scare her a little? It’s not like she’ll collapse and die. Although, I admit, that would be fun! Serial killer that’s a ghost, like “Nightmare on Elms Street” or however you spell that stupid movie‘s name. You might have witnessed this girl’s torture. Oh, and did I mention one of her old best friends, Quincy, was my ex best friend? Before, you know, she got arrested and even placed in an asylum, and, the typical way to lose a friend, I died. So, yeah. Again, if you’ve seen her cry at night, that’s not the worst—or the best—part. No, I’ve got something even BETTER in store. Watch out, Gayle m’dear, you’re not that safe! Your little ghost-fighting daddy and bubby aren’t as slick as you think. In fact, they might just be novices. Especially when I’m finished with them. Novices of what, you ask? Novices of being a ghost, that’s all!

EXCERPT FROM JESSIE’S DIARY: I like Gayle. I really do. I’m glad Sylvia sent me to wait for her, because she’s actually pretty fun. If I hadn’t met her, I would’ve been like Sadie. Sadie doubted her at first, but as her leadership skills grew, Gayle became a goddess in Sadie’s eyes. Now, I’m partially mad at Gayle’s persuasive “goddess” powers, because Sadie acts like a puppy whenever she comes near. I secretly preferred stupid Gayle, but that’s just crazy. Maybe it’s because of Esmeralda? I have no clue. Esmeralda was that perfect, too. Little did we know about her, but oh well. Surely, there’s no connection, right? At least, for our sakes, I hope not. No connection between Gayle and Esmeralda—that’s what I’m going to be chanting in my sleep. I’ve tried to be friendly, but it’s just not working. I’m too superstitious. Hopefully, all this will turn out fine. Gayle’s innocent … isn’t she?

EXCERPT FROM SYLVIA’S DIARY: Well, I guess it’s official. Esmeralda has been replaced! Replaced with a capital “R”, I mean. Really replaced. So Gayle, this little bitch that’s supposed to be the girl I’m welcoming to our school, just storms in and takes over my crowd. By full force. Whoop-de-do, we’ve got another Esmeralda in here. There’s a startling resemblance, actually. Both of them have the crowd’s full attention. Damn, even Jacob said to me, “Sylvia, watch out! I love you most, but I just might have left you for her, if she’d been here a little longer.” He meant it to sound caring, but I broke up with him right then and there. And the nerve! You know what he did, Diary? (And yes, I know it’s nerdy to confess in you, sorry) He went straight up to Gayle and asked her for her number. Of course, she was seeing Radley, so she refused him. But, that still stings. I’ve blown Jacob off, but I spent the night crying in my room, Diary. What is wrong with me? Maybe no one else is thinking like I am. But as long as I have my heart, everything hurts. Maybe I can just leave this world. Leave … quietly … quickly … and no one will ever know. Or care.

EXCERPT FROM TERRA’S DIARY: Everyone comments on my handwriting, about how ugly it is. Of course, I can’t help it. I can’t help that, one night, when I was only a month old, I tried to copy the writing on my mom’s phone. It stuck as my handwriting ever since. All these little dashes and stuff stuck on my letters—they take me only a second to complete. Gayle, that new girl, is actually the only one who doesn’t comment on it. I love that girl to death, except she’s … well, I don’t want to say it. But, here goes. No harm done, right? She’s a … homie hopper. She is everyone’s friend. Just like Esmeralda. Huh. The thing is, Diary, I’m … lesbian. I think. I think, just because the idea got stuck in my head after reading Pretty Little Liars. Whenever I look at another girl’s butt to give her a “popularity rating”, I feel my heart pounding. From excitement, or just because it pounds? It’s disgusting, but I know what I know. Also, I have a hard time functioning in dressing rooms. I go in a stall and just sit there for a long time, until everybody’s left and I can dress without some gorgeous model taking her top off. I sound like a guy. Oh, God, I am lesbian. Who can I tell? Obviously not Gayle. I’ve fallen for her … oh, my God. Just like I … fell for Esmeralda. I confessed to Esmeralda, too. Nope, can’t confess again! Will Sylvia take pity on me? I hope so, but … oh well. Here goes. Bye, Diary. Wish me luck. If you never hear from me again, I’ve gone into a witness protection agency, or whatever those are called.

EXCERPT FROM COLLEEN’S DIARY: Well. I never thought I’d be doing this, but here I am, writing an invitation to Gayle Louise Ann Marks. It’s funny, how when she first moved here, I automatically thought, “Nope, no way is she coming to my party!” But, somehow, by some mysterious earth force, we’ve become BFFs. I’ve, of course, ditched Mackenzie, who seems happier “playing” with McKenna and Grace. Typical best friends. Isn’t it weird how Gayle reminds me of Esmeralda? Esmeralda only got along with me, out of all the girls in our group. Except, maybe, Terra. She’s beautiful and all—I love Terra—but sometimes, it just gets to me. Is there something wrong with her? I don’t even know why I think this, or how this conversation with a piece of paper and a pen got so far. I don’t know … just, once, I guess, we were dressing, and she just said to me, “You’re so pretty. I love you, best friend.”

Is it just me, or is she lesbian? Of course, I could be taking this totally the wrong way.

Oh, I’ve signed Gayle’s invite! Mailing it right now. Ew, diary, mistakes happen. But I still love my bestie to death anyways.

Well, enjoy! I am working on the second set of diary entries as I fight to regain control of Chapter 7. Look in later for more!


Hi all,

So sorry about the long absence, I have been very busy with school and other things, and I currently have a small case of writer’s block.

Torn Apart Chapter 7 is almost finished. Thank you all so much for the support! For the new people who have viewed my blog, Torn Apart is my own novel, coming out chapter by chapter.

Also, because this blog is small and not a lot of people seemed to have looked at it, I have set up another blog. This one hopefully you will connect with a little bit more. Go view it here! and let me know how you guys like it.

I guess that’s pretty much it! Thanks for viewing this blog, and be on the lookout for new blogs, or subscribe to receive email notifications of new posts!

The Ocean

Cool pic!!!!!!

Are you one of those geeks who think that the ocean is full of mermaids? That the universe is full of aliens?

Don’t worry, I am, too. But I wonder … how would the ocean be filled with these amazing creatures without us knowing? I just want to meet a mermaid and see if they’re really as snobbish as they seem …

Vista House

Vista House

This is a beautiful scenery! Some of you who know me on Google+ might recognize this as my Google+ cover page. There are so many beautiful pictures here. I love the quality of the photo and wish to journey to somewhere as exotic as that place! There are so many beautiful covers on there that I can’t choose which nature scene is my favorite. So many deep thoughts. ❤ 😉 😉 ❤ ❤

For Book Lovers…

I’m posting a lot today, and one of my new features is A BOOK CLUB! Yes, you heard me right, folks.

(Yeah, I admit, I don’t make a very good business person 🙂 !!!)

I consider book clubs just to be fun. If you’d like to join, just leave me a note on the blog! But anyone can view this without joining. Here are some good books to read:

My fav: Pretty Little Liars — if you can, go find Pretty Little Secrets. This series is by Sara Shepard.

A fun book series for geeky yet fun people! The Mysterious Benedict Society. When you first read it, you might think it’s weird, but as you get into it, it’s super duper fun!!!!!!!!! LOL.

Divergent. OMG, total classic.

And there are tons more, but I can’t think of them!!! If you can, go read them. (BTW, sorry if I offended anyone. I am not in grade school, so if these books are too adult for some people, just completely bypass my suggestions. If they aren’t, have fun with them!) If you do read them, let me know how you liked them! Also, feel free to suggest more books!!!!!!